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Training of the personnel engaged in the development, manufacturing, control or distribution of pharmaceutical products is a key element to ensure their efficacy, safety and quality. The establishment and maintenance of the Quality System is only possible if all the staff are committed to their duties and properly trained to fulfil their assigned tasks. Thus, training should be targeted to meet the specific needs of each organization and provide an effective tool to improve the quality processes in the company.

TDV provides highly qualified personnel to successfully achieve the goals in your training plan. We offer two main training modalities:

Open training sessions

Our open training sessions are usually one-day sessions, open to the participation of personnel coming from different companies. These courses provide the current trends in the subject of the session and also give to the attendees the opportunity to exchange their experiences in the matter.

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In-company courses

Our in-company courses cover both, basic GxP concepts for new staff, as well as specialized sessions dealing with the newest trends in the industry aimed at experienced personnel. These courses are customized to the necessary extent to adapt the general concepts established in the regulations to the actual situation at each company.

In all modalities, TDV courses are conceived to provide a practical approach, based on the experience of our consultants in multiple projects in different types of organization.

Examples of some of the taining sessions being more popular  amongst our customers are:

  • Current GMP topics
  • Data Integrity
  • Risk-based GMP: Success in EU and FDA inspections
  • Suppliers Audits
  • Risk Management: current basis for ensuring efficient GMP compliance (ICH Q9)
  • Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICH Q10)
  • Management of events and exceptions
  • Quality Metrics
  • Pharmaceutical Development. Quality by Design (ICH Q8)
  • Process Validation
  • Computerised systems validation
  • Risk Assessment multipurpose plants
  • Laboratory management
  • Commissioning & Qualification
  • Product Quality Review / Annual Product Review
  • Medical Devices

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Moreover, TDV offers assistance in the Preparation of the Training Plan for your Company”. For more information click here.

For further information about Training Services, please contact:

Sandra Lacruz