Medical Devices

The design, manufacture and marketing of Medical Devices represents a wide and diversified field of activity within the Life Sciences sector and, as such, subject to compliance to strict and continuous evolving regulatory principles, as we can see, for example, in the new European regulations: 2017/745 and 2017/746..

TDV will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your projects by ensuring not only the highest levels of regulatory compliance throughout the product life cycle, but also that they will be carried out with the maximum guarantees of safety and performance in the absence of risks for the patient or user of the final product.

TDV is prepared to provide innovative and scalable solutions to meet the quality and compliance requirements of the Medical Devices busines.

From TDV we offer different assistance services to our clients and partners, all of them focused on accompanying them in the rigorous and efficient fulfillment of all the applicable regulatory requirements for the design, development, production, commercialization and monitoring in the market of your Medical Devices.

TDV can provide services to you in the following areas: