Patent Infringement and Claims

A small number of new chemical entities are approved annually but a very large number of patents are applied for the protection of variants of existing products or manufacturing processes. Patents confer exclusive rights regarding manufacturing, marketing and use of the patent subject matter. For this reason, it is very important to verify and to demonstrate by suitable evidences whether or not there is an infringement of a patent and its related claims.

From TDV, working closely with Intellectual Property departments, we can assist companies to provide those evidences about manufacturing processes and their adherence to what is described in official and regulatory documents.

Related to this we provide the following services:

  • On site audits and witnessing
  • Expert Reports
  • Sample collection, custody and independent testing
  • Expert statements in lawsuits patent infringement claims

For further information about Patent Infringment and Claims, please contact:

Mª Àngels San