Scheduled Training

Ongoing training is one of the fundamental axes around which the continuous improvement of processes in companies from all sectors revolves, from PHARMACEUTICALS, HEALTH PRODUCTS, COSMETICS or BIOTECH.

From TDV we have been offering our customers training sessions in person, and also online, in different formats:

  • Free sessions: Webinars of introduction to new GMP
  • Training capsules: Short webinars on specific topics
  • Online Courses: Online training sessions on general GMP topics
  • On-Site courses

All the modalities are taught by professionals with extensive experience in each of the subjects covered, both from the technical and regulatory point of view.

At the end of the sessions, for both, webinars and On-site sessions, attendees will receive a certificate attesting to their attendance.

Remember that places for webinars and On-site courses are limited, so we recommend early registration to guarantee your place and enjoy, in many cases, a discount for early registration.

Scheduled Training