Forum Auditorias

From the beginning, TDV has taken a very active role in applying GxP compliance requirements to the supply chain. Significant risks are often identified, and serious incidents occur that are found to be beyond the limits of the marketing authorisation holder of a medicine.

With the aim of expanding activities in this area, TDV, together with a group of Pharmaceutical companies introduced in 2005 the Forum Auditorías initiative, originally as an association of pharmaceutical companies and now a leading third-party audit organization known worldwide. Forum Auditorias (AFA) provides a diversified set of supply chain control strategies, which includes from audits to API and Registered Starting Materials suppliers to audits to final dosage form manfacturers, GDP (Good Distribution Practices) audits to distributors, transport companies and other agents in the supply chain. AFA is also engaged in the sound training for auditors by means of on-site and online (webinar) training sessions.

Forum Audits’ activities currently include: affiliates and customers from more than 45 countries, an average of 170 audits carried out every year and more than 500 suppliers audited worldwide.


Consult all the information on the website of the Asociación Forum Auditorías